Below I have done my best to answer the common questions i get from clients. please refer contact me if you have any other questions not noted below!

can i print my photos? where do you recommend printing?

All images are delivered digitally to the client, who has full rights to printing. 

These images are something I hope you will cherish for the rest of your life, and that others will cherish with you. Images you can show your children and grandchildren. It is important that these images do not live on a hard drive for the rest of your life, but instead become tangible works of art in your home. To help you with this, I have listed below options for printing these images for maximum quality. If you are outside of Tucson, unfortunately I do not have recommendations, but search for local print shops in your area, there should be places similar who are in the business of creating works of art rather than just a photo on the wall. 

Jones Photo Lab

2901 N Country Club Rd

Tucson, AZ 85716

(520) 327-9521


Recommendation: Fine Art Prints

Photographic Works

3550 E Grant Rd

Tucson, AZ 85716

(520) 327-7291


Recommendation: Fine Art Prints

How many images should we expect?

All images are sorted and edited before delivery. For all full price sessions you will receive 60+ images. Mini sessions will receive 25+ images. Headshots will receive 5 images. Weddings should expect 50-100 images per hour of coverage. I do not deliver or provide RAW images.

 will you pose us?

Yes, and NO! I am all about real and raw moments that produce the images I will deliver to you. While I know there is use for posing, I prefer to offer guidance and prompting to produce highly emotional images. I ask you questions, play games, and encourage honest interaction to capture the unique person/people you are.

Where should we go for our session?

I have a lot of ideas, but if there is a special place to you, let’s do it! The location is not the most important part, although it does play a role. But if you have no ideas, I try to narrow down a location based on your style and whether or not you want desert, city, Old Pueblo, etc. Don’t stress about it!

Do you have a deposit? How much and when is it due?

Yes! To ensure you keep your session booked I require a deposit for all sessions and weddings. Sessions require a $50 deposit due at the time of booking and weddings require a 30% deposit. Without the deposit AND contract signed, your date will not be held.

Do you have a travel fee?

I do, outside of Tucson, for gas and possible lodging depending on location. Please let me know before booking if you will be requiring travel!

What is your turnaround time?

Sessions are delivered within a week. Wedding images are delivered in 4-6 weeks. Wedding films can take up to 6 weeks.

Can I hire another photographer?

Yes! I have options when booking your wedding to hire a second shooter. Please let me know if this is something you would like to do. All second shooters are chosen by me and have experience. All images are still edited by me.

What gear do you use?

I currently use a Canon 5D Mark IV for photography and a Canon 80D for video. I have multiple lenses, a Mavic Air drone, a Ronin S Stabilizer for film, and lav mics for vow coverage. I will be upgrading my film camera soon (woo!)

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes! Please make sure to let me know ASAP if your venue needs proof of this.